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Welcome to Mauve Montreal Piercing

Mauve, a studio where everyone is welcome and cherished. Dedicated to you and your safety.

We are devoted to provide you with the safest body modification possible and the best customer service. When you arrive at Mauve you will be warmly greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff who will work with you to make your body modification idea happen.  Whether it is deciding on a piercing that works best for you and your lifestyle or developing artwork for a scarification concept that you have, we will commit ourselves to you.

Your safety is of prime importance!

Unfortunately, there are no regulations in Quebec governing tattooing and piercing shops and there are no inspectors verifying that each shop is following good hygiene practices and using appropriate cleaning and sterilization equipment. At Mauve we employ a strict hygiene and infection control management system and we use state of the art equipment in order to ensure your safety. Please see the “Your Safety” page for more information.

We warmly invite you to come in for a free consultation and take a tour of our studio!




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